Standardized industry rates for simplicity and peace of mind

A clear pricing structure makes production planning easier. That said, certain types of work have specific requirements and complexity and for those jobs the rates may vary as outlined below.

We provide first class driving services for film productions and racing teams. We are licensed via SAG-AFTRA as well as SCCA and the FIA International Racing Association. We also have the international driving license that is required in certain countries, and we have the coveted Nurburgring Permit A which is required to race at the legendary Nordschleife.


Driving or Doubling - SAG Double Scale (no time limit)

$1644.00 per day, Mon-Sun incl Holidays.

Race Coaching, Race Spotting or Engineering Support

$1644.00 per day, Mon-Sun incl Holidays.

Half-Day (<5h day) - SAG Scale

$1233 per half-day. Mon-Sun incl Holidays.

Short distance travel (<5h) weekend and holiday

$308 per half-day. Mon-Sun incl Holidays.

Long distance travel  >5h per day

$616 per travel day. Mon-Sun incl Holidays.

Schedule Block

$616 per day. Mon-Sun incl Holidays.

Driving race cars, driving on racetracks, snow and wet slides, door-banging, bumping, jumps - Rate varies, minimum Double Scale.

Starting at $1644.00 per day. Mon-Sun incl Holiday.

Stunt Coordination

Starting at $1644 per day. Mon-Sun incl Holidays.


Our driving tricks are many, and we are constantly practicing and creating new ideas. Some basic driving manouvers that are among the more common ones are listed below. Please inquire with your idea and we will tell you if and when we did it before. We also provide vehicle requirements to do certain types driving, for instance a 100hp front wheel drive car will not make exciting power slides without some modifications.

  • 360 once or several in a row
  • 180 forward and backward
  • E-brake slides and parking
  • Power slides
  • Formation Driving
  • Gravel, dirt, wet, snow
  • HIgh Speed
  • Jumps


Corporate Track Events

Take your VIP clients or reward your best employees or sales staff with an unforgettable experience of driving an exotic sportscar on the track! We arrange for up to 100 people/day.

International Race Visits

Have you always wanted to visit the incredible 24H of Nurburgring? Or maybe the Monaco GP? Drive on track before the start of the 24H of Dubai? Italy, Spain, Hungary, Belgium, whatever your dream is, we hook it up with helicopter rides over the track, VIP lounge party access, the best of local restaurants, cool cars and more. Just ask.

Car Tuning and Transformation

We work with the best brands and race teams in the world. Do you want to upgrade your car? We can give it subtle performance-improving optimizations, or offer full bore visual transformation. Popular conversions are upgrading Porsche Turbos to GT2 performance and looks, or turning Porsche road cars into race track monsters.

Great service and expertise in everything we do


  • All parts sales require up front payment.
  • All schedule blockings are to be paid at the time of booking (within 24H).
  • Scheduled blockings for actual days worked or travelled for work will be credited upon payment of work and travel days.
  • We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.