On-Camera and Demo Driving

SAG-AFTRA stunt driver double Carl Rydquist has over a decade of experience in advanced on-camera driving, along with a network of first class drivers in the US and Europe when you are looking for scenes with more than one moving car at a time.

Throughout the years we have been to all the usual California, Nevada, Colorado, Utah locations where car commercials and media like to go, classics being Hollywood Hills, Santa Monica Mountains, Malibu canyon roads, downtown LA tunnels, arts district, as well as the high desert, airports,  LA city and SF bay bridges, Rocky mountains, dry lake beds... the list goes on. You name it, we drove it!

In addition we have driven picture cars in many exotic international locations in Europe and the Middle East and we have the licenses and certifications to do it legally.

VIP Racing Events & Sponsorships

Every year since 2001, we have organized fantastic events for businesses and individuals to get a taste of the racing experience. We have also carried the brands of our sponsors to a global audience, many of our programs have been social media hits and the activities and brands live on organically in form of videos and photos online. Accessible to everyone and boasting your brand, forever.

At the races, or on a privately rented racetrack driving sportscars or learning the first steps of the craft of driving a racecar, we provide every level of event you want, tailored to your needs. This includes turn-key service if you want it, because we know you are busy creating your own success.

Sponsorship programs are offered in all major sportscar racing series, TUDOR, Carrera Cup (GT3 Cup), Pirelli World Challenge, Blancpain, Creventic, all with a slightly different appeal, market reach and variants of coverage via TV or online live streaming.

If you want to get involved and shape your brand though the fascinating and exotic world of sportscar racing - you have come to the right place!

Race Coaching and Engineering

On a very limited basis we take on certain drivers and racing projects and provide coaching, instruction and help to get the maximum performance out of your car and tires.

We have clients racing in or who have raced in WTCC, TUDOR, Pirelli World Challenge, 24H Daytona, VLN & 24H of Nurburgring, Creventic and many other racing series. Some were in their first stages, some are seasoned and famous, we are professional and discrete. The one common factor with all of our clients - they have learned a tremendous amount, were set on the right track to develop optimally and they become faster and better drivers on their way to success.

On the race engineering side we are well aware of the phrase: "To finish first, you must first finish." We help sort out issues but mainly we help you optimize your car and find the best setup that will get the most grip from your tires and give you the best laptimes, whether it is a one-lap shootout or consistent performance over an endurance racing stint.

We do offer co-driving races as well (SCCA & FIA Intl B).

Our day rates for Coaching is the same as for precision and strunt driving, displayed under Rates.

Our rates for Co-Driving your racecar or race engineering varies based on project and series. Contact us to discuss a quote!

Porsche Tuning and Parts

Optimizing the driving experience or aerodynamic appearance of your high end Porsche is a 100% natural fit for us, given the fact that we have nearly 15 years of championships, race wins and pole positions from racing Porsche GT cars all over the world.

Anyone can order parts online these days. But how do you ensure it's not only a part that will fit, but also a part that will work and have the desired effect? This is where C.A.R. Engineering comes into the picture. Our experience can get you from fast to blazing performance with your hard earned budget utilized as efficiently as possible. Don't waste your money on parts that will ruin the pleasure of driving your car. Typical issues that people get into are cars that ride excessively harsh when it's not necessary, develop exhaust drone when all you wanted was a throatier sound, reliability issues because someone told you a certain mod works just fine or is a "must have" when it wasn't. We've been through it all and know what works and what doesn't. By consulting C.A.R. Engineering you save money and save yourself time and headache to deal with costly mistakes that we can help you avoid.