RYDQUIST RACING is a brand under C.A.R. Engineering which was founded in 2001 as a tool to race and take on driving assignments in a professional manner. Since 2001 the business has grown to encompass several areas described under Services.

C.A.R. Engineering has a network of proven and truly fantastic people that are brought in for larger projects. Handpicking our staff carefully so that each role is handled with great expertise and interpersonal skills is the key to surpassing the expectations of our customers. The corner stones we build our business on are competence and drive, combined with classy, personal and grounded attitudes.

By hiring C.A.R. Engineering for your events or sponsorship programs, not only are you helping your own business by adding means and knowledge, you also get to benefit from the drive and passion that our staff live by to achieve our goals in life. We know that this inspiration rubs off.

/Carl Rydquist, Founder & Owner

The Pro Driver Advantage

Every shoot has been a success, camera car crews, directors, airplane and helicopter crews, producers and clients have been raving about the precision, efficiency and rare opportunity to get the shots they wanted safely and quickly allowing maximum time for the DP and director to try more angles, filters, lenses or lighting during a busy day of filming.

We deliver 100% top notch expertise when it comes to on-camera precision driving. We can provide it because we have a true professional racing background where the pressure to perform and deliver has always been cranked up to 11. A driver coming up through a driving school and amateur racing HAS NOT been subjected to and delivered under the pressures of professonal racing.

Make sure you give yourself and your clients the




Nothing goes faster than racing at the 24 Hours of Nurburgring. So we have raced in that race in different Porsches, 5 times.


When racing in the rain, you must not set a foot wrong. We did a lot of racing in the rain and have won many pole positions and race wins in these conditions.


We drive in every way a car can be driven. Professional drifting was one project we commited to, to offer the best on-camera skills. And we did drive off with a trophy.